About Us

We are a growing company with the know-how to get you and your business on top. Our focus is to treat you like a friend – how you want to be treated. We keep you informed with every step to make sure you know what you are getting and value what you have to say. We take time to discuss what you want and give our feedback. Web Meets Design takes your business or organization to the next level with elegant and modern designs, aggressive search engine optimization techniques, in-depth analytics and much much more. When you choose Web Meets Design for a go-to in web design, you are choosing a partner that thinks in terms of bettering your image.

Why You Need Professional Web Design

0 % of people that expect all businesses to have a website 0 % of people that judge your business based on your website 0 % of mobile device owners that access the internet 0 % of consumers that search online for products and services

Our Services

Professional Web Design

We practice modern, clean, and simple web design. With our fast and efficient techniques, we can provide highly customizable websites very quickly. We are in constant communication by phone, email, and even text messaging with you to provide accurate solutions.


Search Engine Optimization is key to getting you more recognition. SEO equates to more web traffic, higher sales, professionalism, and just better over business.


e-Commerce is a fancy way to say: sell your product online; we can make that happen. Paired with SEO, a modern design, and marketing techniques, we will sell your product with ease. All major credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal integration. Some of the unique sales techniques can include product reviews, coupon campaigns, manage and track inventory, and elegant item descriptions.


We constantly monitor site activity, filter spam, and have multiple backups ready in case disaster happens to get you back up ASAP. We pride ourselves on reliability.

Social Network Integration

Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. are a proven tool to substantially grow a business or organization. You’re instantly connected to billions of people and have endless advertisement opportunities within. We integrate these social networking lions with your site so people can leave feedback, like, share, and more.

Website Analytics

We provide accurate and informative analytics: how many visitors visit your site, how long do they spend on each page, which city/state/country are your visitors from, what is their first click once they’ve landed on your website. These are just a few of the stats we bring to the table. Custom metrics are populated giving precise analytics to get you not only the most web traffic possible but also keep them on your site longer. See all our services

Why Us?

Web Meets Design is a design, SEO, and customer focused company. Most web designers spend 90% of their time pounding out php, css, html, java, flash, and other jibberish whereas we focus on more important things: the customer. You are not a number; you are our friends. We treat you how we would like to be treated. Oh and do not worry…we can code too. Design:SEO:Coding: